Travel and Accommodation Tips for Stripper’s On Tour


Right. So you’ve decided that you want to try out a new club and spend your summer weekends being a stripper on tour. But where does a girl start?

A bit of organisation at the beginning can really pay dividends later. Ideally you want your weekend away to be as least stressful as possible so that you can enjoy yourself and earn as much money as those boobies can! In this post, Sassy Lapdancer is going to run through a few essential points for what to do before going to work in a different stripclub and where to stay when you get there. Remember to keep an eye out for future posts which will look at potential lapdancing holiday hot-spots by location and tips on getting those summer lapdances – or sign up to receive email updates using the handy form on the sidebar…. 🙂

Firstly ask your friends if anyone is willing to go with you on a stripping adventure. Finding a dancing partner is great because;

  • You can share on travel costs – share the taxi home at the end of the night, or even share petrol costs if you drive up.
  • You get to have a stripper sleepover and split the cost of a hotel room!
  • It can be daunting being the newbie so if there are two of you – well there is always a friendly face around if the changing room gets bitchy!
  • You can work together – try matching outfits or similar hairstyles. If the guys seem to like the idea of getting a girl from out of town naked, introduce him to your ‘girlfriend’ and do a sexy lesbian double dance. The more the merrier!


Always phone the club ahead and see if it is OK for more than one girl to audition. Most clubs will tell you to just turn up but if you are worried that you may not get through, offer to send some photographs first or make it clear that you work as a double/group act – perhaps offer to do a special stage show? Most managers are happy to take on two, three or four new girls at the time – but be wary of travelling in groups larger than this as you may not all get hired. I always try and work with girls who are a similar ‘standard’ to me – it’s risky travelling with a dancer who needs to lose a few pounds and has roots showing, however nice she is…..


One summer I drove down to Bournemouth with two other dancers. We had remembered to pack g-strings, heels, even spare fake lashes – but hadn’t bothered with the accomodation. Bournemouth had plenty right? We could just turn up and find one right? Unfortunately everywhere was fully booked as it was the busiest stag weekend of the year. We rang up plenty of hotels as we bombed down the motorway and eventually managed to find an overpriced room in the shitty end of town. It stank of damp and we could only get it for one night. After a bloody long shift that finished at 6am we eventually got into the creaking bed at 7am …. Only to be woken at 10am to check out. Yep, we’d spent £150 for a measly 3 hours sleep and still got kicked out. To make matters worse, the hotel was full of guys we’d given lapdances too the night before and hollared and whistled whilst we stood at the check-in desk.

The moral of this story? Always organise your accomodation in advance. I’d recommend staying in a big chain hotel or motel so you don’t bump into familiar faces and know what to expect upfront. In the UK try Travelodge and in the USA try and

If you plan to visit the club again – perhaps every weekend over summer, then chat to the front desk and see if you can get a reduced rate for multi-bookings. Or ask the other dancers and staff in the club. I know a bouncer who owns a big house and has kitted the spare rooms with bunkbeds – he makes extra money every summer renting his rooms out to dancers and seasonal staff, plus you get a free lift back with him at the end of the shift!!!

As most dancers don’t travel light anyway, for a weekend trip it’s possible (just about) to pack everything you need for day and night in one carry-on suitcase. If you grab one with wheels and a lock then you can take it everywhere with you and keep it in the changing room whilst you bump and grind the night away. If the gentleman’s club is only an hour or two away from home or the trains run all night then it may be worth your while to go home afterwards. However, this can be extremely tiring and if you want to work two or three nights in a row I would not recommend it.

Finally, a top tip is to pack a few energy bars and snacks in your dancing bag. You will be surprised at how tiring a new club can be and its best to keep your energy levels up.

I hope you found this post on potential accommodation possibilities useful – sign up to get the next batch of useful tips. Tomorrow I will be sharing some stories about nightmare girls and wonderful kind bouncers and offering some advice on how to work well in unfamiliar surroundings. (Even some advice on how to calm down when it all gets too much!)


Have a great summer stripping ladies!!!

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