the ELSC turns ONE! & throws a spectacular birthday party


Every birthday party should have a cute girl jumping out of a cake – especially one decorated with golden dildos!

The beyond sassy East London Stripper’s Collective celebrated their first birthday in style at the legendary Bethnal Green Working men’s Club.  Over two dozen girls (and a handful of guys) worked their asses off on stage, back stage, and twerking through a happy crowd of 200 party ‘punters’.

I was honoured to spend another Saturday hanging out with sexy and empowered strippers and they even gave me the role of stage manager.


Keeping a bunch of excited women in order is no easy task! It was my first taste of backstage responsibility, and I relished being a house mum for once! (A House Mum looks after the girls at a stripclub, ensuring that they keep to the dress code, prep for stage shows, providing girly essentials, keeping girls happy and of course – handling money.)






The ELSC had some great performers lined up who had choreographed shows based loosely round the birthday theme. And as it was our birthday, we’d organised a finale of a super-hot, well-hung thrusting animal to perform the kind of Magic Mike male striptease that we’d all been gagging for. And boy did he not disappoint! But more of that later….

Guys feet rocking it!Bethnal Green’s working men’s Club had been decorated with bunting and balloons.  A bright Tunnel of Love heart lit the back of the stage, filling the hall with warmth and good vibes. The large hall slowly filled up with two hundred eager partygoers who’d taken our ‘Birthday Suit’ fancy dress theme and run with it. I saw men in heels, Y-front’s and a jaunty hat, a lifesize scary clown, a girl smothered in wrapping paper and plenty of PVC.




The cute as a button Zoe Trope opened the show by jumping out of a 3 tiered cake in a silver sequined playsuit straight out of the Moulin Rouge.  The golden candles shaped like a thick heavy erect cock had me all giggly over my-sex-is-on-fire innuendos.  Here’s a shot I took as I was prepping the stage for opening.

ELSC Birthday Cake

Ottilie compered the night, cutting a dash in a variety of skimpier and skimpier outfits. We needed someone to remind the crowd that whilst celebrating was great, they were also there to support a worthy cause. She’s got great legs and an even greater set of lungs that girl!  DJ Darren Age of Consent was behind the decks spinning some dark house and plenty of dubby hip-hop to keep the Shoreditch masses happy.

Millie Robson took the cake theme literally, pretending to be a bored girl at home getting ready before ripping off her shirt to reveal what was surely ‘The Body’ of the night oiled and shimmered in a sprayed-on gold bikini. I positively salivated as she filled cakes with whipped cream before flinging herself on to the. Cake and cream flew everywhere in a calorific cascade a metre high as she rolled and twerked her gym-body angel ass on those three lucky cream pies. BAM! White cream and golden cake squelching into her crack. BAM! She smeared the sticky mess over her body, whipping her long dark hair around and around. The whole spectacle got me so hungry I wolfed down some vagina and nipple cup-cakes that had been specially baked for the evening.

Chiqui Love got everyone’s attention with her showgirl strip. Red boas and sequins, big dark glasses like an Italian filmstar. She radiated pure power and intimidating sexuality on the stage in a very confident show. The night had plenty of support dancers too – I was kept rushed off my feet keeping a bevy of revolving beauties in check.

Marshall Adonis brought the house down for his show. I’ve never seen so many open mouths – proof that even when it comes to stripping, men still seem to rule the world. I saw ELSC girls crawling along the stage to douse his pecs in oil. Uni students saw what real man testosterone was. Guys who’d been revelling in drag all evening suddenly wished they too had a tool belt. And everybody – EVERYBODY – wished they could be the lucky girl he picked out of the audience and blindfolded. Erotic? You bet.Time for party games with a member of the audience

We thought it was all over as the DJ hit the decks once more but then Ginger Snatcher jumped on the stage last minute for an impromptu gender-bending show – she makes a hot guy in a suit.

By putting on these stigma-busting parties, the ELSC are not just giving everybody a good time, they’re showing that stripping can transcend the daunting doorways of the usual stripclub. That the strippers aren’t forced into their industry – they enjoy dancing and putting on a show. That they are in control of their bodies and are happy to personally ‘exploit’ themselves to make cash.  It may just be a party to some, but the message behind it is a stripping positive one.

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