What do the ELSC do? Joining up with the East London Stripper Collective


Over the past few months, I’ve been working closely with ‘The East London Stripper Collective’, a group of dancers who are trying to better the rights of strippers.  I’ve always been fiercely pro-striptease so  it was a no-brainer joining the cause!

They have created a manifesto which I have put in a separate blog post but you can see the original here. ELSC Manifesto

Here is a fun pamphlet that they made which describes the terminology of stripping.  ELSC Lipglossary

They meet every month and have a great page on facebook  which you should go ‘like’…. right now! It’s updated reguarly with stripping news and photo’s from their parties which aim to show stripping to a more varied audience that your usual stripclub punter.

Common as muck party

Common as Muck party Common as Muck Party










I will be posting more titbits from them in the future so sign up to the mailing list for future updates – we’ll make everybody pro-striptease one day!


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