“We Never Clothed” A stripteasers review of the Windmill International in Soho


As the legendary stripclub that never shut, even during World war Two, the Windmill International has more history behind it than a stripper has glitter.  The Windmill Stripclub Soho has even had several films made about it – Tonight and Every Night starring the forever gorgeous Rita Hayworth is an lavish wartime musical that gets your toes tapping.  Mrs. Henderson Presents, a 2005 comedy-drama proved that the Windmill’s story can still pull in the big guns – Judi Dench stars as the indomitable manager as they survive the Blitz.  Her insistence that the show must go on led to the Windmill’s famous motto ‘We Never Closed’  or as the striptease dancers would put it ‘We Never Clothed’. 

The Windmill Stripclub is in a beautiful big grey stone building at the gateway to Soho, and a hop, skip and a jump from the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus.  The Windmill International is a big club, with 40 girls a night or more, so is always looking to hire – you can fill in an email & photo submission here  It’s famous for having a really good stage, with a big pole and a staircase adding drama, so is ideal for dancers who are good on the pole.  The Girly Show, a super sexy and hip Burlesque Act, hold the odd Saturday night showcase extravaganza here too – they’ve even had Daisy Lowe as a guest performer!

For dancers, its location is really convenient for any last minute shopping trips.  The Soho branch of Ann Summers (26 Brewer Street) always stocks a wide range of sexy lingerie and fantasy outfits, mostly under £50 for a set.  Soho is also full of boutiques stocking naughty outfits and sex toys – you may need to browse a few – whilst there are several shops which stock typical clear heels and cutaway dancers dresses in stretch fabrics at the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street.

The Windmill has a good location for attracting customers too – Soho, Piccadilly and Leicester Square are all within walking distance – even the most drunken of stumbles.  It’s the nightlife hub with several casinos, late night restaurants and more bars than you can shake a stick at.  This means that the club can attract a vast array of customers for dancers to practice their hustle on; city boys, stag groups, tourists  and those looking to unwind after gambling or a meal.

I’d recommend a visit to Windmill Stripclub if you find yourself in Soho, whilst stripper’s on tour should audition for posterity’s sake as its a part of striptease legend ….. and the seediness of Soho, what makes its charm, is slowly disappearing…


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