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Ever wonder what strippers wear?

Stripper fashion is unique, fun and sexy – in fact, it’s perfect for Valentine’s.  When I was dancing, it was a constant struggle to find new outfits that could withstand being pulled on and off a hundred times a night.  I’d be heartbroken when I couldn’t wear a dress because it got ripped, or greyed in the wash – or my constantly evolving body was too gym-toned or winter-fat to look cute in it.

Get yourself down to the Stripper Wear Fair

That’s why I’m thrilled to be organizing a unique Pop-Up Market that has a ton of designers and some amazing dresses from my stripper friends.  Each piece will be made with care and have a history behind it.   For the ‘Stripper Wear Fair’ I have curated a group of designers showcasing and selling unique designs as well as performers selling pre-loved outfits which are not usually on sale to the general public and have different features and durability compared to high street lingerie.  It’s in Shoreditch for one day only – the day before Valentine’s! Isn’t that the perfect time to grab a new, exotic dancer inspired look?

Reserve a ticket and grab more details here http://elsc-stripperwear-fair.eventbrite.com/

Q: Ever wondered where strippers get their costumes?
A: Quite a lot of the time, from each other. Any dancer will tell you, every changing room is a veritable trading ground of pre-loved/unworn/unwanted garments, on sale at a snip of the original price.
You are invited to browse among tables of pre-loved stilettos, sparkly gowns, costume jewellery, suspenders, garters, nipple-tassels and bras, bikinis, feather boas, and anything else you can think of to accessorise an exotic dancer.
Q: What’s the difference between the stuff strippers wear, and the stuff I can buy from any lingerie company?
A: Durability. Another thing any dancer will tell you is that you can spend hundreds of pounds on stripper wear and incredible lingerie only for it to fall apart because it wasn’t designed to be used much. Strippers’ costumes are made to last, and stand up to the demands of the job. Fastenings are designed to be easily undone, seams are reinforced, and good old lycra never lets us down.
Stripper outfits are more than just thongs and high heels! We customize clothing, seek niche designers, swap costumes backstage, or buy from specialist labels.There are even sellers that go around strip clubs with their own ranges, designed especially for dancing. The stripping life is a unique world of fashion that you can’t find in the normal high street!

It’s on the day before Valentine’s! So if you are stuck for a special gift – grab a ticket now

The East London Strippers Collective have set up a Facebook event page 

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