Stripper writing is so popular it even has it’s own hashtag

# Stripper Stories.

Working in a stripclub the hours can be long and the emotional toil can be gruelling, as you meet so many people who wish to offload on a pretty woman. So that’s why writing stripper stories can be a cathartic act, a chance to let your emotions out before they get pent up inside.  When I first started blogging back in the noughties, I was writing secretly about my experiences.  Venting my frustrations with slow nights and annoying customers out on the keyboard.  But over the years of blogging, I’ve realised that the internet needs a positive voice on stripper culture from a person who has experience and inside knowledge.  Stripper stories – I keep my bad times for my notebooks and the novel I am working on.

Dancing is such a freeing, empowering feeling, and being on the stage is the embodiment of that feeling.  That’s the feeling you should hold on to.

It’s true – Strippers are portrayed badly by the media.

Too often, lazy scriptwriters will have 2-dimensional stripper stereotypes in their shows.  We are the stripper with the heart of gold (The Hangover, Sin City), we are the crazy party girl (Showgirls), we are competent in the Dark Arts (From Dusk Till Dawn, Zombie Strippers).

Every now and then, a truly great stripper character spins into view – multidimensional, emotion in their faces and pain in their bodies, but putting a brave smile on as soon as the club doors open. I loved Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler and, of course – I LOVED Magic Mike. So great to see the boys in action both in daily life and on/off stage.  Flesh and Bone on Netflix was a tour de force, even though the stripclub environment wasn’t entirely realistic but fingers crossed it gets a second series.

I’ve watched so many stripper films and TV shows that I have begun to review them here.  Please keep visiting my blog or sign up to the mailing list to read my latest thoughts.  If you have any suggestions of stripper culture I should bingwatch then add it to the comments.

Stripper movies and TV disseminated from a strippers POV

Is the stripper/punter character a mere stereotype?

Hang on – that’s not what a REAL titty bar is like!

Do I know anybody like this?!?!

Am I drooling at the cash tips ….

Did they get the stripper style right?  Does she look good enough to hustle?