My Stripper Stories are inspired by my real life adventures dancing around the world.  Being a Sassy Lapdancer brings me into contact with so many unique conversations and personalities that every night can be incredibly different. Some of these stories are 100% true, some are chance encounters blown up in my imagination.

I have been working on a novel for what seems like forever and ever, which I hope to get published someday – if you have any words of encouragement please comment below! One late night it will be finished, and I will sit back at my keyboard and smile….

Writing short stories is incredibly fun – much more fun than a big, never-ending novel – as you can concentrate on the characters and condense the story.  A strippers life is full of short, fleeting moments – we meet, we drink, I hustle then tease, then we say goodbye.

I am incredibly positive about stripping as a blogger, but Stripper Stories allows me to delve into my dark side.  This fiction is full of emotion and raw feelings – please don’t misread my tales and think that I hate my job, my body, the customers or my fellow dancers. It’s a story folks…

I have such a passion for striptease and writing and find combining the two incredibly cathartic.  I hope you enjoy my Stripper Stories.


Sassy    xoxo