I’m very passionate about stripper activism. I’m the UK’s first stripper blogger, aka Sassy Lapdancer, and started writing online about the striptease industry in 2010.  Here I look at stripper activism around the globe.

Stripper Activism and stripper feminism – yes, strippers can be both!  Over the years stripclub employees and their patrons have begun demanding a more ethical lapdancing industry.  Across the world movements are growing asking why women feel slutshamed, when showing their bodies is empowering and the right of every individual. I’ve been proud to be a voice amongst many, and decided to dedicate a portion of my website to the important causes of stripper activism and sex positive feminism.

Along with a bunch of fiesty females I also help run the East London Strippers Collective.  We campaign for better employment rights and throw awesome events and regular parties.  In 2015 we curated ‘The Art of Stripping’, a orkshops, a 10 day festival in Shoreditch with a programme that included an Academic Symposium, life drawing classes, pole workshops, fashion shows and of course, some phenomenal parties.

“Forget everything you’ve heard about strippers.

ELSC aim to promote the self-organisation of strippers / lapdancers in London and the UK, and to challenge societal attitudes towards stripclub activity by uniting performers, creating their own working conditions and empowering dancers.”

The ethos behind the ELSC, from their website