Stripclub Stereotypes

Stripclub stereotypes – just who is the average customer? Becoming a career exotic dancer is a very personal journey in which you discover that the strip club world is a uniquely private world, full of different characters – from the weird and wonderful regulars to the relatively normal who occasionally get dragged in like so many exhibitionist and pervy flotsam and jetsam.

To give some sort of background, I’ve been asking fellow dancers and chosen customers what type of stereotypes – both punters and dancers – keep popping up and in.

The response has been great, and made me think of the club in a whole new way.  It’s become less of a social struggle, and more a perverse comedy played out in front of my twinkly little toes.

The ‘Stripclub Stereotypes’ series is intended as a tongue in cheek look at the stereotypes people can be.  I’ve tried to make these as funny as possible rather than a completely acidic series of character assassinations, so please don’t take them too personally if you feel they apply to you!

If you have any ideas of stereotypes I have missed out, please leave a comment or two.  I’d also love to be able to illustrate these individually, so if there are any budding graphic artists out there get scribbling and contribute!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be devoting some hard work and attention (I know, right? Doesn’t sound like me), anyways, I’m planning and crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to dispel some myths and create some new ones with a series on the individuals that rock my world, night in, night out.

Click on the links to read more about each stripclub stereotype!





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