Seductive Stringfellow Strippers


The Stringfellows Club has been a part of London nightlife for eons and the seductive stringfellows strippers known as ‘Peter’s Angels’ are infamous. Peter Stringfellow’s Covent Garden club has been going for years, and he even had a club in Soho for a while till it shut in 2016, whilst both the man and his empire have had their fair share of controversy and tabloid moments.

I got a dance from an Angel

I got a chance to pop in as a customer recently, which made a nice change from being a dancer, as I had the girls dancing for me for a change.  I chose a brunette as my champion, very French looking – like a curvy Latietia Casta, with a delicious looking arse.  It was set off by an expensive looking black girdle and stockings, and waited under a little black dress, daring to spill out at any moment.  She had a remarkable way of taking off and playing with her panties, kicking her legs up and pulling them off like a saucy burlesque queen.  Those knickers were a focal point for the whole dance, as she nibbled on them, her pearly white teeth biting them as she pulled them all over the place.  It’s a trick which, sadly, I don’t do as much as I used too, but my smalls are going to get played with a lot more now that I’ve had a reminder!

Stringfellows has a luxurious interior

When you walk into Stringfellows, it’s all dark, plush velvet drapes falling onto an even plusher carpet.  It has two floors – one is baroque, but the downstairs is like a circus – it’s crazy, and thats where all the action is.  I was really impressed by the standard of girls – most were fairly pretty, and there were a good dozen absolute stunners – real beautiful faces and bodies.  As a lapdancer myself, I appreciate the hard work that goes into looking good – and some girls looked really good.  The outfits for me were a bit same-y, little black/white dresses abounded, all in the same cut – but then in the Stripping world, Peter is renowned for having a strict dress code (and weight code – if a dancer gets too big she is suspended).  I like a bit more personality and zanieness in my outfits, but he goes for the classic ladylike seductress look I suppose).
There are lots of stripclubs in London – Stringfellows, Secrets, Spearmint Rhino, Windmill, For your eyes only, and of course the newer Platinum Lace and 23 Paul Street, as well as the famous strip pubs of the East End.  I’m going to try going in as a customer and review a few of them – or indeed just do a few shifts working at each – after talking to a girlfriend of mine who wanted some recommendations.  Poor lesbian, they know there are plenty of hot women dancing in these places but are too scared/not allowed to go in.  I might even bring her with me next time – there are a couple of lesbian stripper nights but no full-on, dedicated club that’s women only in London.  But I’m glad I started the tour at Stringfellows – it’s the most renowned club, earnings and looks wise, and the seductive strippers at stringfellows carry a lot of prestige on their sexy shoulders.

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