Review of Channel 4’s series ‘Strippers’


Sometime last year I received an email from a TV researcher looking to contact strippers for a new documentary – I did not know it was the seed for Channel 4’s series ‘Strippers’. I posted her request on Twitter and emailed some girls and left it at that, as whilst many people in the media and academia wish to research strippers, they are notoriously hard to track down.

So I’m happy to see that their hard work has paid off, resulting in a 3 part documentary on strippers in Scotland.  Shot more as a reality show than a hard-hitting documentary, the first episode of Channel 4’s new series ‘Strippers’  focused on 3 girls who work at Diamond Dolls in Glasgow.  I rushed home to catch the tail end of it, but luckily the magic of catch-up TV exists for busy girls like me, so I’m planning on watching it later.

I’ll post my thoughts and review  of Channel 4’s series ‘Strippers’ tomorrow, but for now here’s what a London stripper pal of mine messaged me

” LOL was not expecting that ”

If you can surprise my friends, I can’t wait to see it it!

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