Really Rosamund? The clubs that strip women of their dignity

I got told by a fellow tweeter last Thursday that there was ‘a rather misinformed article compared to the one you were in in the Evening Standard the other week’ (thanks @K_Pilch)

I followed her link and found a rather opinionated article on a female journalist’s visit to Secret’s in Covent Garden.  Read it here

I was surprised by how offensive it was.  The author, Rosamund Unwin, has written very funny and sharp article in the past that I have really enjoyed, but this wasn’t clever at all, just nasty with a hint of snobbish bully about it.  She calls herself a ‘self-declared strident feminist’ but derides a ladies night – the first one the club had held (in that location).  I tried to look at the website to see what ‘ladies night’ entails but I couldn’t find any information.  Nonetheless, a stripclub making an effort to be more attractive to female customers should be applauded.  In America, girls visit lapdancing bars all the time – why not here?  Besides, the lesbian scene in London has been decimated with the closure of Ghetto and Trash Palace, and is now a figure of fun in the sleazy Channel 5 documentary imaginatively titled ‘The Candy Bar’.  (I’ve been there, it’s great, and much better than channel 5 portrays it.)

She says that the dance was ‘as erotic as taking out the rubbish’ and complains about feeling the dancer’s ‘leg stubble’.  She also says that her female friend was laughing throughout in ’embarrassed hysterics’.  Poor girls – doesn’t Rosamund realise that we are not all Dita von Teese, and have to try and be ‘erotic’ without personalised lighting, special effects, a hair and make-up team, and a chereographer?

I was really pleased to see that the majority of comments were in favour of lapdancers and thought that the piece was ‘one-sided’ and ‘bitter’.  It’s certainly very different to the Striponomics article which was based on an interview with yours truly a few months ago.  There are also lots of reader comments on my blog piece on the article

I suppose that it’s the job of newspapers to explore professions such as mine from all angles, and that the Evening Standard should be lauded for presenting such different views by such different columnists.  London’s sex industry is a huge heaving underground mass and it’s great to see insights into the sex industry in London get some press – even if it’s a bad review of a lapdancing bar.  Still, it’s a shame that Rosamund Unwin complained of lapdancing bars stripping women of their dignity, when she goes on to strip the lapdancers of their dignity in her article.

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  • mountingandcounting#1

    September 17, 2011

    That woman’s a hater. I hate how the likes of her use one night at one club as “now I can get on my soap box” validation.


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