Oops I did it again


Oops seems I have done it again.

What, you ask?

That’s exactly the thought that was running through my mind tonight. It’s barely midnight, it’s a Monday, it’s raining outside and both the streets ofnlobfon and my club are empty.

So i might have had a few drinks, but so what? Apparently whatever I’ve done is enough to piss a bouncer off. So he shouts at me, then I complain in the changing room over what a cock he us, then a manager overhears and before you know it

WHAM! A big fat £50 fine.

If you think I am being vague over what happened, it’s because I don’t know what happened. Specifically some lame customer complained about me – I refused to let him touch me in the dance, so he snitched to a bouncer that I had ripped him off. Usually this kind of complaint would be ignored, but he had to choose the bouncer that didn’t like me….

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