My feet are f**ked


My new shoes are killing me…. but they are sexy as hell, and goddamit, i am so bored of the normal stripper-style shoes.

Usually, I would wear some monstrous 6″ or, if I’m feeling brave, 9″ creation.  Maybe, they might have a little sparkle round the toe, or perhaps a novelty design – fish, dollarbills, flashing lights everytime I put weight on the heel.
imgres.jpgBut then, around 2 years ago, I got BORED of looking like a damn stripper all the time, and wanted to go a bit more old-school – get some of that burlesque frou-frou going on.  It started with these beautiful bad-boys;

PL-DEL676R-2T.jpgThese gorgeous creations are by ‘Pleaser”, and they cost about £50 in Camden market, which is THE place to go for stripper attire in London.  It’s not because they cater for strippers, (they cater for goths and trendies) its because nowhere in London caters for strippers now that all the joints in Soho have been replaced by shops full of naughty lingerie and sex toys, but not much for the working girls of London town.  
Anyway, now I’m bored even of the beautiful red shoes… so I’ve gone high street.
The high street is FULL of 6″ platforms – and they are so inventive – blue velvet, sequins, bows, ruffles – Kurt Geiger has a leopard ponyskin pair that I want to have sex with…
Thing is, these high street bad boys may look better than stripper platforms, but they weren’t made for dancing an 8hour shift in.  Or climbing poles, or gyrating your butt whilst your knees take the strain.
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to go back to perspex, because after a Christmas season, I’ve got the beginning of a big toe callous, and an appointment with a chiropodist for a potentially bruised/broken toe…..
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  • Melan#1

    February 2, 2011

    It’s a shame I can never see any photos you post… However I am already well acquainted with the KG shoes! Also the bow is on a piece of elastic that is removable, or just moveable. I think I’ve opted more for comfort over style… Manchester is too damn cold to go out in anything less than 2 pairs of tights and 2 pairs of socks!!
    London Girl Up North


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