Monthly shows at the Aquarium by the East London Strippers Collective!


London’s nightlife has a sexy and fresh new look for Friday’s – the East London Stripper’s Collective have teamed up with the legendary Club Aquarium to throw a spectacular strip-fest on the last Friday of every month!

ELSC parties are pretty special, as it’s not just about taking your clothes off for businessmen in dark booths. No, these parties are thrown by the strippers themselves to celebrate exotic dancing.  They put on big shows that they have chereographed themselves, chosen the music and styled their own outrageous costumes for. So instead of a bored looking girl twirling round a pole like she was waiting for a bus, you get a bouncy punk cheerleader in high tops flipping upside down whilst chewing gum. You get sultry Latino’s emerging from the darkness of a floor length cloak to shake glittery gold tassels. The girls offer Ego Massage to their ‘clients’ so that anyone can feel powerful and confident and leave oozing sexuality. Instead of £20 lapdances in a booth you can experience Virtual Reality Striptease which feels so real you can practically touch it. For once, however, there is no touching in the VIP room – as it’s VR it’s impossible too!

Club Aquarium is a Shoreditch institution – with doors opening at 9pm and banging tunes until the sun rises it’s a brilliant place to party. Plus the Aquarium has a trick up it’s sleeve – it’s the only club in London with a hot tub and a pool! So basically you can watch some kick-ass striptease, work up a sweat with your own little rave number and then strip off your clothes and lie back in bubbling waters. Bliss…

Each month is themed

– so far there’s been ‘Jaws – A Halloween Special’

‘NO THANKS!’ An anti-Trump Thanksgiving celebration

and my favourite ‘Premature – New Year Cums Early’.

(The girls have a knack for good titles as well as spandex pantie tossing).

The next Aquarium party is on the 27th January so what are you waiting for? Head to the ELSC Facebook page to book your tickets now!

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