London’s first LBGTQ+ strip club rocks


London’s first LBGTQ+ strip club ‘Harpies’ opened last month. The opening night rocked.

(And hopefully it will rock the industry boat too.)

Such a buzz to see so much freshness!

Just what this industry needs. And to see the floor packed and a queue at the front door: so refreshing.

Many innovations we have been longing for for years were in effect: a cross between a nightclub and a strip joint so everyone can have a little dance. A range of bodies and genders on stage and some fabulous fresh takes on a stage show. The dancers being paid fairly with a base rate plus the tips and extras they make through the lapdances. And obviously, LGBTQ+ customers welcomed with open arms.

I loved that the promoters made a point to educate the punters about some traditional strip club rules like no photography and no touching, on the last point, making it very explicit that observing the dancers’ boundaries is a serious thing.

Not that the ELSC parties didn’t do a lot of this but Harpies being in Metropolis made the difference. A good-looking, cosy venue, where the placement of the main stage makes for that audience-in-the-round, easy-to-catch-a-buzz electricity. It is easily one of the best venues in the London strippersphere.

And most of all, respect to the people behind this night because they are moving with the times, looking at the demand and taking the concept to the customer, not taking customers for granted and being stuck in a rut.

We are thoroughly excited by the prospect of a LBGQT+ strip club and 100% recommend it.  Harpies is a  smoking, rocking night. Go and check it out – the next one is August 17th 2019.

Hello sexy, I’m Helena and the Fabulous Miss Sassy is letting me borrow her space for a minute to get a few things off my 34 B chest. Stripper squeezes to you X 

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