It’s a universally acknowledged fact that women love shopping, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that lapdancer’s love shopping too!

Here are my top 5 favourite ways to shop;

  1. Come home drunk and log onto Amazon or some other internet site, and totally forget what I’ve bought until the postman knocks on the door with a mysterious brown parcel/I see my account balance and think I have been robbed by someone in Taiwan – no, that’s where I got the crotchless panties from at 5am, DUH!
  2. Get a lover/boyfriend/customer to give me his credit card… this only happens in the rarest of times, boo hoo…
  3. Hit the West End with a couple of my girls and shop till I drop.
  4. Write up reviews on my website – hey I’m an expert on all things stripper related – I’m the SassyLapdancer folks!
  5. People surprise me with awesome presents from my Amazon wishlist. Hurrah!


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Sassy by name, Sassy by nature, I write to explode the myths which surround the lapdancing profession - standing up for the clubs, the girls and the customers. Its not always drinking champagne and playing with my tits - it can be hassle, hustling and hangovers. At heart I'm just a regular twenty-something posh cockney living in London who likes taking her clothes off...

  • Martina D#1

    October 24, 2012

    Hi Sassy! Haha I love it, drunk and online shopping under the influence. I’m enjoying reading your articles!


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