Lapdancing London – An insiders guide to London lapdance and stripclubs in the city


Lapdancing London – what’s London lapdance like and where can you find London stripclubs?

I’ve been involved with lapdancing London for many years as I am a stripper in London who also loves to visit striptease venues in my  free time!  London is famous for it’s nightlife, but you may not know much about the striptease culture and lapdancing culture here. In this lapdancing London guide, I’ll be using my insider knowledge to tell you about the best stripclubs and top strip pubs in London, what it’s like to work as a stripper, how to give a lapdance, and what the future holds for the lapdancing industry in the UK.

Why not try lapdancing London for a night out with a difference?

London has around 30 different strip clubs and pubs which all have a full nudity licence and serve alcohol.  Many are open late till 4am or 6am so are ideal for an afterparty if you want to visit a stripclub after a night out in London.  Most of the big stripclubs are in the West End, particularly Covent Garden and Leicester Square, with some more stripclubs in Soho. The oldest stripclub in London is The Windmill, followed by the legendary Stringfellows.  Big stripclub chains in London include Secrets, Platinum Lace, Spearmint Rhino and For Your Eyes Only.

Many striptease venues are secretly stashed down London’s historical streets, such as The Gaslight, which is located in the heart of Mayfair.

East London has several strip pubs such as The Horns and The Griffin and some smaller boutique clubs including 23 Paul Street and Browns. There is only one remaining stripclub in West London at Secrets Hammersmith, a small and intimate club with friendly staff and nice dancers.  Many of the striptease venues in London have shut down and are unlikely to reopen as councils now operate under a nil policy for SEV licensing.

Visit my Google Map of every Striptease venue in London

I have created a Google Map of all the striptease venues in London.  This map of the stripclubs and strippubs is a great resource if you are planning a night out with strippers in London or want to visit one after Wimbledon, Ascot, Goodwood and other sporting events.  Watching sport before watching beautiful ladies dance for you is a winning combo!


What’s it like to work as a lapdancer in London?

With so many clubs, there are many women working in London’s stripclub industry.  Most clubs want a high standard of grooming and the ability to move and dance well.  Clubs generally have different audition policies and I have written a guide on how to audition as a lapdancer. I have also written a guide on how to give a great lapdance step by step.

Remember that stripping is predominantly a sales job, lapdancing London is not as good as it used to be and it is not guaranteed that you will make money every night.  Most clubs will expect a minimum of 3 shifts a week from around 9 till 4 or even 6am, so the hours can be very draining.  However I have always loved being a stripper in London and around the world.

The future of Lapdancing in London

Stripping is big business, estimated at £300 million a year, although the golden years of stripping in the UK were in the early years of the Noughties.   After a proliferation of striptease venues across the UK when Labour relaxed licensing laws, there was a backlash by concerned community groups and political activists like Object. Sexual Entertainment Licensing was introduced with tougher rules.  Local councils bowed to pressure and made SEV licensing more expensive and harder to come by, forcing the closure of many clubs.  A nil-policy was adopted by local councils in London so now no new licences can be granted.

With the expensive licencing and recession squeezing their finances, clubs turned to their employees as a source of revenue. Dancers found that their commissions and house fees were increased, leading to resentment and loss of earnings.   At the now shut White Horse strip pub, a lapdancing London legendary venue, dancers formed an activist group.   The East London Strippers Collective was started in 2014 by a group of fun and fiesty females.   They aim to lessen stigma around the stripping industry and encourage better employment practices for the dancers.   I became a member just afterwards and have enjoyed producing parties, events and even a 10 day festival ‘The Art of Stripping’.

Sites like this londonlapdancer continue to grow in popularity. Many strippers are using the web to showcase their creative efforts and collaborate. So the future of lapdancing London and the stripping industry in the UK is going to be very exciting!

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Sassy by name, Sassy by nature, I write to explode the myths which surround the lapdancing profession - standing up for the clubs, the girls and the customers. Its not always drinking champagne and playing with my tits - it can be hassle, hustling and hangovers. At heart I'm just a regular twenty-something posh cockney living in London who likes taking her clothes off...

  • Mark Burrell#1

    July 25, 2017

    Very mean the security guy outside 23 Paul Street. He didn’t let me in cos of my disabled leg, even though I had a name of one of the dancers.. Their loss, I went on to Metropolis, Cambridge Heath, which I hadn’t gone to for years. Must get there much sooner this time. I also go to Rainbow Sports Bar, Ye Olde Axe, Nags Head, Horns, Browns, The Griffin. I must get to Hustlers Club, Croydon, which I really should go to, living in that borough. I sometimes go to places like Sunset Strip, Soho.


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