Interview with Tequila Rose – the stripperstyle poledancer


Tequila Rose – a flash of creamy white and bondage black , as she spins around the pole, blonde hair in a pony tail, then a CLACK as she splits her legs across the pole.  Read on for my interview with Tequila Rose – the stripperstyle poledancer.

Rose has just opened up Spun, a new pole studio in Walthamstow, and I jumped at the opportunity to interview her about her journey from stripper to business owner.

empowered stripper and pole dancer builds a studio

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Tequila Rose – so great to see my favourite stripperstyle poledancer. Congratulations on your new studio!

Thanks! It’s a real special space that I built over a very intense 7 weeks in my back garden in Walthamstow. I had to hire machinery like the digger in the picture and a bunch of lovely builders from Scotland working hard.

The Spun studio has great sound insulation and because it’s in the  back garden it’s a very private place – from the front it looks just like a regular house. It has 3 poles as I prefer smaller, more intimate classes as they are more friendly and supportive.

We just opened a month ago, so a great way to start off 2017, and I’m going to build up from a few classes a week with Beginners, Intermediate and the more Advanced, as well as private lessons.

Stripperstyle pole sounds fun! Can I come along and get some tips so that I can really WOW as a stripper on stage when I return to work?

Sure! I would love to have you – consider it a birthday present.

That’s so sweet of you! I am going to start dancing at clubs again soon myself.  So you haven’t hung up your heels yet then?

Of course not! I still strip, but I’ve been really busy recently with the studio.  As an exotic dancer I’ve worked in a bunch of different clubs around London. My favourite to perform in is Larry Flynt’s Hustler in Croydon – it’s a late starter but gets really busy during the summer.  It has a big stage with a hoop and a tall pole in the centre of the room, so everyone gets to see you perform.  Great atmosphere!

I also really like to work at Sunset Strip in Soho as it’s chilled out and it’s one of the few clubs in London where you actually get tipped on stage.

What myths about stripping would you like to debunk?

Debunk? What a deep and complicated question.  I think from working in the club you get a different perspective.  A lot of people think it’s degrading and that you don’t want to be there – almost like a pity factor.  But that’s really not true for the majority of girls that I have met!

With Pole, one of the biggest things I hear from my pupils is that I’m not strong enough or flexible enough to do it.  But you can do conditioning exercises on the pole such as pull-up crunches and pole squats that will rejog your muscle memory.  However my classes are definitely pole dance not pole fitness. A Tequila Rose class explores the sexier side of pole so that you can find that inner stripper!

Want to see more of Tequila Rose the stripperstyle poledancer?  Check out the amazing photographs at her Tequila Rose Instagram and the Spun Studio website.

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