Here is the blog roll written by Sassy for London Lapdancer.  I dance in one of London’s premier gentleman’s clubs several times a week and often write about my exploits.  Every night I meet, talk and seduce men and women who wander in for all sorts of reasons.

Who visits a stripclub?

Although the industry has a reputation for ‘dirty old perves’, the average evening will be filled by all sorts of people.  Middle-aged bosses taking their younger staff and clients out to wind down after a day of heavy meetings.  Handsome and buff sports stars who appreciate the big tables, comfortable chairs, and doormen who will let in a large group of rowdy guys.  Military veterans after a charity dinner ( the bouncers often let them in for free ).  Couples who want to share a bottle of champagne and carefully select beautiful women for dances, igniting a sex life back home.  Guys from the Middle East and India who come in to get the kind of party that they can’t have back in their home countries.  Girls on a night out seeking an adventure.

Oh, and we get a few older gentleman too.  I usually find them quite gentle and courteous with many hours of fascinating life stories.

Why do we find exotic dancers so fascinating?

It’s an intoxicating mix – late nights, alcohol, charm and sexual allure.  Strippers are selling a product – themselves.  It’s our time and our body that you want.  We come from all over the world and have hidden ‘ordinary’ lives which we conceal.  We are often the most naked women you’ll see apart from at home or in the mirror.  The reason people find dancers so fascinating is because that’s what we are trying to encourage when we say hello at the bar or smile on the stage.

What does a stripper blog write about?

There are an increasing number of lapdancers who write, blog or vlog about their profession.  Some have written books or perform plays on stage, offering a deeply personal insight into their lives.

In my blog, I write under the pseudonym Sassy Lapdancer.  I like to write about interesting people I meet, unusual moments in the VIP, odd requests whilst giving a dance. I like to write stripper stories based amongst the camaraderie of the changing room filled with women who transform into goddesses.  I like to moan about how sore my feet are, the bruises on my thighs and knees from the stage, the endless hangovers. In short – my stripper blog is real, individual and haphazard.


Please enjoy exploring my site – as well as the stories on my blog I also have club reviews and tips on working in the stripclub industry.