Cornish Police; No evidence proving stripclub visits = increase of sex crimes on street


Edith Piaf once sang ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ and it seems that some in Cornwall may be singing the same refrain tonight.

A club in Newquay has had it’s application for a licence rejected, because the council says so.  Their original reasons? An ambiguous statement from Inspector Ian Drummond Smith, stating;

“”those leaving the premises having been subject to highly sexualised performances may be at greater risk of committing sexual offences”.

Really? I’ve worked in the exotic dancing industry for a long time, I’ve had my fair share of interesting experiences following my highly sexualised performances, but I’m pretty sure I have never incited a man to rape or commit a sexual offence upon leaving the gentleman’s club premises.

The BBC article was a fair bit of unbiased reporting journalism, it didn’t paint us working girls out to be the devil’s advocate, thank god, but it still made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Firstly, a vague idea and feeling from an officer upholding the law was used as key evidence to deny the licence.  Since when were hunches taken into consideration with such weight?  I can totally understand with objections from the residents living nearby, and agree that full consultation with the neighbouring community should always be sought when opening up a stripclub.  But hunches should be seen as valid, as it breeds unwarranted fears against the industry I have made a personal choice to uphold and call my career.  What does the Inspector and the resident’s group get for their highly publicised and damaging accusations? ‘No regrets – no tears will be shed, no-one to blame’ as Edith would say.

Secondly, as I said above, it gives me the willies (excuse the pun) that people see me as someone who incites violent crime.  I wish I could show how much of my job is talking to men, massaging their egos, assuaging their fears.  I calm people down more than I excite them.

An earlier BBC article  has the Inspector backpedalling – he does not see the number of sex crimes in the area – 14 rapes and 30 assaults (higher than average) as having a direct link to lap dancing clubs, but argues that they could be ‘a contributing factor’.  Whilst I understand that the honourable Inspector is, I’m sure, very knowledgeable, did he really have to make such a broad sweeping statement which he no doubt knew would provoke media excitement and mud-slinging?  I’m not an Inspector, but I know that most rapes are committed by someone you know, not by the stag party dressed in mankini’s leaving Hooters.

I look forward to what Tower Hamlet’s council will say when denying licenses or their renewal.  They’ve certainly been busy objecting over the past twelve months.  I will be keeping an eye on their progress in shutting down the numerous clubs in their East End borough on this website.

Keep up the stripping solidarity folks!



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