Casting Call for Mummy Strippers!



I get bunches of promo emails, but this one sounds interesting, as regular readers will know I am truly inspired by mummy strippers.  A TV Documentary crew is looking for exotic dancers who are also trying to bring up a family.  I’ve passed it on to a few friends but why not get in touch with them yourself if you want your fifteen minutes and to show the world what a great mother and strong woman you are?



A major TV production company is searching for women who raise kids during the day while exotic dancing at night. We are in search of solo women as well as groups of friends/ co-workers who deal with the shared stress of being a “mom” while holding down an evening job in adult entertainment. Married, as well as single moms, are of interest.

To learn more about the show, please email us a current photo of yourself, a current contact telephone number and a brief blurb detailing your story and family/ work life. You can contact Sean De Simone  ( at


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