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Here at Sassy Lapdancer HQ, we celebrate all things womanly, especially the beauty of the human form.  And nothing can be more beautiful than a nice pair of full round breasts.  Trust me, as a lapdancer I’ve seen and felt my fair share.

But breasts can hide lurking dangers too.  So when I heard that a Burlesque friend of mine was involved in an all-day festival celebrating boobs and raising awareness I wanted to know more.  ‘Breastival’ is taking place on the 1st of June in a charming pub in trendy Notting Hill,  and will be a great day out and an even better night!If you are in London and fancy supporting a worthwhile cause whilst having fun I thoroughly recommend you check it out.

I spoke to Andy Black, the Creative Director of Breastival, to find out more……

#1 So I’ve been researching Breastival and it’s a worldwide movement…whaddya know?! So where did you get the idea and are you linked to the worldwide movement through Avon etc?

Last year a friend, Brinja came to me and expressed how she would like to do something creative to raise awareness about holistic breast health. She was given a mastectomy and a prosthetic, which she believes then caused complications in the healing process. The doctors then refused to remove the prosthetic and as you can imagine this worried and upset her. She is such a positive person and is a real inspiration to everyone she meets. We are both great believers in the healing power of community and ours is one that communes in a festival environment where moments of collective joy and unified celebration strengthen our bodies, minds, and souls. At first we thought about creating a photo exhibition of women who had had mastectomies but refused to succumb to the ‘accepted norm’ of replacing something in order to avoid breaking a potentially harmful taboo.  Breastival came to me while trying to find a way to help Brin to celebrate the positive aspects of life whilst letting people know that they can be open and honest about their bodies and health. As for links to other areas of the movement? I’m a true believer that every idea has it’s time. More and more people are understanding the importance of preventative and holistic medicine along with a spirituality based on positive thought and unconditional love. When I first came up with the idea or even the name ‘Breastival’ a quick search online revealed that there had been a few similar events that community and student groups had organised. A year later and it seems there has been a snowball effect and this shows that it is obviously an idea that captures the hearts of so many.

#2 Angelina Jolie recently went public about a double masectomy after fears of a family history of breast cancer. How do you think this will help the breast cancer cause?

I think anything that helps break taboos and raise awareness of our bodies is a good thing. For too long people have had to suffer in silence because of shame or paranoia about their flesh and bones. Somebody who is so high profile and adored by so many for her artistry and talent is a leading light for the world’s women (and men) to take responsibility for owning and loving their physical form and seeking opportunities to improve their quality of life and longevity. I believe that there are a plethora of causes and contributing factors toward all kinds of disease, including nutrition, genetics, environment as well as the emotional and spiritual landscapes. Knowing that ‘the worlds most beautiful woman’ has lost her breasts will provide solace for those who may have gone through a similar experience and allows open discussion and public awareness.

#3 Many lapdancers treat their breasts as a commodity and see plastic surgery as a necessity. Does breast health awareness apply to them? Should they celebrate the breasts they have more?

Yes Yes Yes!!! All women should celebrate the breasts they have, or even the place they used to be! Brinja is a one breasted woman, we call her The Amazon and we are all coming together to celebrate her existence. Breasts are perfectly designed for providing offspring with nutrition, sexual partners with arousal, and the barer with intense pleasure. Stimulation of the breasts produces oxytocin, a powerful chemical responsible for feelings of trust, bonding and social cohesion as well as more powerful and effective orgasms. Hugging, massage, dancing, sex, breastfeeding and foreplay all contribute to the release of this ‘love hormone’ that is the basis of human tribal experience. Breasts are so much more than a commodity! They are a chemical doorway to a life of love, trust, joy and community. This is why everyone at Breastival will receive a huge hug from one of our lovely door ladies and be encouraged to dance and dance hard into the night!

4# What have you got going on at Breastival which will appeal to the average sassy lapdancer and their friends?
It is an honour to champion women and their freedoms, creativity and artistry. There will be cabaret to watch, brilliant music to dance to, healing and therapies and an exciting raffle and giveaway including Chocini raw chocolates, Rosa Bloom Tassles/Pasties and Streck T-shirts. If they come down early they can even take part in an Itsy Bitsy Vintage Workshop and create their own fantastic lingerie or perhaps model nude for the Bohemian Artists Studio! Most of all, they will come away having experienced a loving, positive and friendly vibe, and have made some great friends.
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