Becoming an exotic dancer for the Olympics


London is full Of Olympic buzz – we will soon be flooded with tourists, athletes, TV crews and delegates – and they need somewhere to go out when the days sport is over!

10.8 million tickets have been sold

17000 athletes are arriving from over 200 countries

9500 policemen are being deployed…

and 3500 M15 spies….

and 1000 FBI agents…

with 800,000 spectators attending the Olympic’s busiest day at several locations!!!

Do the numbers.  That’s a lot of money flowing into London, and gentleman’s clubs are gearing up for what they hope will be a busy summer with super-high takings.

It’s not an easy life being a lapdancer, paticuarly if you are starting out as a stripper or have never worked in a city venue before.  The nights are long, the constant competition and scrutiny of your physical appearance by hundreds of men can be exhausting and psychologically damaging.  However, if you do think that you have what it takes to enter my murky world for the 45 days of Olympic and Paralympic sporting events, then now is the time to get your foot in the door girls.

The stripper buzz is that many clubs are already seeing a higher than usual influx of auditionees, with girls swapping clubs to put themselves in a good strategic location or travelling down and moving into the city for the summer.  Audition times and requirements vary from club to club, but most will want to see you get up on stage in a long lapdancer dress or perhaps a smartish short dress and give a couple of songs around the pole whilst stripping down to your G-string.  You will have to be over 18, have a visa that allows you to work, need to bring ID and your passport with you for their records, and try and arrive at least fifteen minutes early with your hair and makeup already done.

I’ve surfed the web and found out the audition details for several clubs that are near Olympic venues.  Basically you want a club in the East End…..

Majingo’s is right in the Dockland’s area, close to both The Olympic Park and the Greenwich Arena’s.  Auditions are held nightly from 6 till 8pm, you need to call Linda on 0207 531 6060 during the day beforehand to say that you wish to come audition.

Metropolis is a HUGE club in the East End with 3 floors and even it’s own indoor beach. Call 0208 980 2917 (Tuesday to Saturday between 8pm and 12.00pm) and arrange an audition.

Whites is another big  club in Aldgate, call 07977 075 308 to discuss auditions.

Across the road at 30 Alie Street is Club Oops! It’s a smaller venue but also offers the usual £20 lapdance & VIP options. Call (020) 7481 8288 . I’ve worked here before, the staff and owner were lovely.

If you are good on stage I would recommend one of the more traditional ‘pound in the pint glass venues’.  Basically every time you do a stage show you go around collecting money, a minimum of a £1 per customer, from the men watching.  It doesn’t sound like much but it all adds up very quickly… girls can make a few hundred quid per shift easily at busy times.

Browns and The Griffin require girls to come into the office for an interview before they are called back to audition.  Call 0207 739 3970 to arrange this.

If you are a woman who wants to work as a stripper or exotic dancer during the London 2012 Olympics you can also try nearby strip-pub ‘the White Horse’ . Give them a call on 0207 739 3702 and bring a costume and a CD of your preferred music.

If you want to try a big chain of clubs and watched the recent stripper documentary on the  BBC called ‘Table Dancing Diaries’   then you may want to work at Secret’s, the club which was featured in the programme.  They hold weekly auditions on Tuesdays at 1:30 at their venue in Hammersmith.  They have 6 clubs in various locations across London.

The largest club near the Olympic Park is ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (FYEO) on the City Road.  They want potential dancer recruitment applicants to email them with a CV and a photo using the form at  I guess this is one CV where stripping experience would be welcomed!!!

Good luck girls!!!




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