When art is Aphrodisiart – A Collaborative Journey with the Artist Paul Pickersgill


Aphrodisiart – when one collaborates with the incredibly talented artist Paul Pickersgill to create an art piece that celebrates stripper life and dancer activism.

A heady mix of the Goddess Aphrodite, Aphrodisiac and Art, inspired by the Sassy name.

‘The Aphrodite Series’ are a series of bespoke artworks by Aphrodisiart founder, Paul Pickersgill of the names of women that on closer inspection reveals a naughtier side.  Each letter is a delicately drawn female nude or body part, sex toy – Paul’s imagination is endless!

I love all aspects of the female form, and as an artist, I find it much more aesthetically pleasing than the male form, so my APHRODITE’S are womens’ names, and the ‘letters’ are predominately female in subject matter. Funnily enough, it’s not always the most obvious erogenous parts of the female body, that I like most!  I enjoy the challenge of finding new  ideas to create the letters for each name – you could say the research is fun!

Jane drawing from the Aphrodisiart collection

Erotic explanantion of jane in gold frame

I asked Paul his views on strippers and was immediately sold;

I admire enormously the empowered women who striptease for a living, and are often unfairly castigated for it in the media, and by ignorant, bigoted people

After being smitten by his delicate drawings, you can imagine how thrilled I was to work with him and create a special piece for the sassy archives. I’ve always wanted a piece of art for Christmas – and here is my opportunity to gift myself this year!   Paul takes commissions, and has just set up a new Instagram page to showcase his work @aphrodisiartpaul – check it out!

We will be working on the letters S. A. S. S. Y.   That’s 3 ‘S’s and Paul will have to conjure up a different image for each. No pressure!

Over the coming weeks I will be tweeting details of the artistic process that goes into creating a piece, but please put in the comments any ideas for letters that you have – I’d love to see what the internet can come up with!

If you are interested in a bespoke piece of erotic name art, you can contact Paul via his website https://www.aphrodisiart.co/

As an extra special treat, Paul is offering 20% to readers who mention that they found out about his work through this website – so don’t forget to mention Sassy or londonlapdancer.com


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