I’m often contacted by the Press & Academics for my views on stripper culture and the lapdancing industry.

Strippers, punters and clubs can be misunderstood, and whilst the industry isn’t perfect, it is in my opinion a happy place to work and play for many. I always try to be positive as I find stripping to be empowering, and generally a highly enjoyable career – certainly beats the usual 9 to 5 !

The formation of the East London Strippers Collective in 2014 has been the spark behind my party production and activism efforts.  Since joining the group of fearless, foxy and fiesty females a few months after they were set up, I have loved every minute of collaboration and celebration.  I dedicate a part of my website to showcasing their efforts and have been the spokesperson for the ELSC on several occasions.

Press Articles

The Independent  We’re a group of strippers working to improve our employment conditions – and we want your support, rather than your sympathy.

How laws are putting strippers in greater danger

Huffington Post   Why you should care about the death of this female run stripclub

The Evening Standard   Confessions from the City – Stripping for the City boys

Confessions from the City – Stripping for the City boys at Christmas

The Sun    I may look sexy stripping – but I think about toast.’  Meet the students who strip to pay fees



I have also spoken on Monocle FM and BBC  local radio.


University Studies

Stripclub culture is fascinating, and there have been several studies on it.   We had several academics give talks at the Art of Striping, held by the East London Strippers Collective. Increasingly, strippers have become the focus of interest for university students and PhDs.  I have been interviewed by several for university research and have helped them find fellow dancers to talk too.  Unfortunately I cannot help everybody but please feel free to contact me if you are undertaking research or writing a thesis or dissertation.