Taking your clothes off and celebrating the naked body is empowering.

It’s always been my choice and I enjoy it.  Too often society and the media stigmatize stripping and sex work, calling us exploited, vulnerable or slutty.  And whilst I have had moments at work where I have felt exploited, vulnerable and slutty – often all 3 at the same time – I have never found those bad times to be part of the average shift.  I believe that stripping is a job, that exotic dancing can be a profession – you can even get career strippers – and that despite its sexual overtones it is basically a mix of hospitality, performance and sales.

I started blogging in secret in 2010

From originally chronicling my experiences stripping, the site has evolved into a website providing information for dancers and customers. It has the only interactive map of all the striptease venues in London – newer clubs, traditional pubs and even chronicles venues that have shut.  My website is full of advice on how to audition, survive the industry, and work in clubs around the UK. For customers there are reviews and tips on being the perfect customer.


I want to work in or visit as many striptease venues as possible and document them in a positive way.

If you run or work at a striptease venue and would like me to come and visit you please get in touch.  I have danced all over the world and in many venues in London and have a good track record with the clientele.  I am also available for collaboration for club reviews, advertising on my site, Twitter and social media feeds, and advice on the stripping industry.  If you are a journalist or researcher and need an interview please get in touch.

I write fiction and stories inspired by my time as a dancer.

Short stories and extracts from my novel in progress can be found on my blog under ‘Stripper Fiction’.

In the novel we meet Lucy, a struggling university arts graduate, as she reconciles stripping during the recession with dating guys who work a 9 to 5 and her frustrations in realising her ambitions.

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Or email me at sassylapdancer @ hotmail.com

Hustling and teasing can take up a lot of time, so apologies if it takes me a while to reply. Feel free to use the comments box in each blog post if it’s a general query, as your opinion or questions might start a useful dialogue.

I look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo Sassy

  • Lilly#1

    January 28, 2020

    I love this website! Beautiful and well organized!
    I‘m planing on starting to strip in London next year and your posts are very helpful!
    Do I need a licence btw?
    Love Lilly


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