23 Paul Street – The House of Tease


23 Paul Street aka The House of Tease has come to ruffle the feathers of London’s stripping scene.  With lingerie clad ladies draped across velvet lounges and prohibition cocktails served in cut crystal glasses, this is pure old-school erotic glamour.

So why is 23 so different? Well, usually a stripclub is all laid out in front of you – a cavernous room of perma-tanned beauties in peacock bright colours, revolving around the stages and tables with a hustling smile.  If a customer wants to hide, his only option is to go to one of a row of dancing booths.  Its not always the most sensual experience and at busy times can feel like a factory of clucking chickens plucking their plumage on and off for £20 a song.

But 23 Paul St seems to be built for secret liaisons.  The ladies mostly wear lingerie, and are handpicked to showcase intelligent and sassy personalities underneath their beautiful skins. Think redheads, tattoos, woman with a side-business or not-your-average university student, and women who know how to enhance without resorting to the surgeons knife.

An old Georgian townhouse, it’s spread over 4 floors, with a different personality to be found on each level.

And unlike most strip joints which are found in underground basements, here the naughtiness happens the higher you tread.  The top 2 floors are dedicated to VIP rooms which are hidden behind a bookcase filled with musty leather tomes. Squeezed in the middle is a colonial club room with an ostrich skeleton in a glass case and loveseat lounges in lamplit corners.  The basement bar has neon signs loudly showing love for girl gangs and a barman with the obligatory Shoreditch beard. The entire place feels like you are walking onto a Baz Luhrman movie set that oozes quirky details and sophistication.

Even the website for 23 Paul Street is built to tease the viewer……

Woman in lingerie breathes fire

With thanks to 23 Paul Street for this image taken at the exclusive Mint Tease party

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Sassy by name, Sassy by nature, I write to explode the myths which surround the lapdancing profession - standing up for the clubs, the girls and the customers. Its not always drinking champagne and playing with my tits - it can be hassle, hustling and hangovers. At heart I'm just a regular twenty-something posh cockney living in London who likes taking her clothes off...

  • Mark Burrell#1

    May 8, 2017

    I’d love to go there. (I go to the others round Shoreditch). It’s about sorting out a pass online though, when I don’t have a computer at home.

    • sassy#2

      May 10, 2017

      Well you may be in luck. I spoke to the management team and they assured me that ‘entry is at our doorkeeper’s discretion and is complimentary before 10pm.’
      So dress sharp, don’t forget to mention my blog and prepare to have fun!
      x Sassy


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