1st Weekend of the Olympics… Gossip so far


Jesus, well what a bummer so far!

Things that haven’t happened yet;

  • I haven’t given an athlete a lap-dance… not a single one has come into my club (not one I’ve noticed anyhow, and I’m the type of stripper that talks to everybody….!)
  • Danced fora club packed to the rafters.  the West-End is dead, it’s official. Even the Evening Standard – London’s mega free daily newspaper – ran a two-page spread on 4 and 5. The title? ‘West End Gloom‘. Two pages on how takings in central London were majorly down on last year.
  • People who follow me on Twitterwill know that I’ve been dancing for many, many people in the forces.  Bless the boys in uniform, they have given up their holiday leave but still come into the West End for a quick pint and a lapdance after their shift patting people up and down for weapons of mass inconvenience.  I’ve had Marines, the Queens Guard, Army – but Air Force?? CIA or Secret Service? MI5? Not yet…. Come on boys, I want to get my stripper kicks here….
  • A load of #Stripathon stories.  Which is kinda annoying, because I want to document the games and it’s impact on Strippers in as many ways as possible.  So dancers, bouncers, managers and customers, please get in touch!
  • A big night.  Like the kind of night which will go down in history and get every medal on the podium.  Big spenders, big champagne, big VIP room.  Fingers crossed hey….

Things that have happened;

  • #StripperOlympics is trending on Twitter, with dancers all over the world tweeting what activities and sports they think would be included in the Stripper Olympics. Typical fictional events include;
  • Bubbles ‏@StripperTweetsEndurance Lapdancing #stripperolympics
  • Eric Harvey ‏@marathonpacks@StripperTweets Strategic Boner Avoidance?
  • ben schwartz ‏@benschwartzy.@strippertweets Undressage #stripperolympics
  • I’ve got drunk.  In fact I’ve been pissed for days on end. What with all the parties and Olympic fever, and the clubs being so quiet, I’ve been going out a lot more than usual….
  • I went to an Olympic Event!!! I went to centre Court on Wimbledon last Saturday, which was fabulous.  I got to perve on guys and girls grunting in tight swingy white outfits whilst drinking Pimms!
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