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Just a quick post about the best online communities for lapdancers – the stripper forums.


I just received a lovely email from the new kid on the block;


Hey Sassy!

First of all, your blog kicks-ass. You’ve posted such a great collection of resources!

I wanted to reach out to you because I think you would be interested in a new online community for exotic dancers/strippers:

It’s just launched and looks like it could be a great resource for dancers who want the 411 on working conditions at clubs in the USA – it has a reviews feature where dancers can post their comments and experiences of the punters, the management, house fee’s etc.  Nice!

The original online exotic dancer forum is  This website has been going for years, it has lots of members and boy do they like to chat!  It’s a basic looking site but dig around and you will find loads of useful information and resources by dancers all over the world.


One that purports to be a grassroots organisation for strippers and sex workers is  This also has tons of members – all girls I guess, and a whole bunch of topics of dancer discussion.


Of course, it’s  totes unfair if it’s just girls having all the fun, so luckily there is a stripper forum for male strippers.  Hurrah!  I would love some guest blog posts or a chance to interview a male stripper, so I might just be posting on there myself soon….


There is also a forum style service on a website run by a fellow stripper who I follow on Twitter I’m not a member (yet) so can’t tell you a whole load about the site…. Or nosey parkers can grill me with any questions directly…. via email or tweet me – I’m sassylapdancer on twitter as you can see from my side bar… is a mixed gender site – it has a mixture of punters and dancers commentating on a variety of gentleman’s club topics.

Fancy seeing special offers on clubs all over the world? Visit StripClubTweets which collates ALL the club tweets.


I am slowly but surely revamping my own online presence, so stay tuned folks for some super sassy lapdancer action coming soon on my new site and my previous blog filled with content at!


Well I hope that’s useful stuff for any dancers out there who would like to find out some information, or perhaps just feel lonely…..  It’s great that I can post a ‘Top 5 stripper forum’!  Who says dancers were bitchy and stupid, huh?? As always I hope that any readers with additional ideas comment on these posts and links, and that we all continue to chat, share, explore and generally get on – in the changing room and hustling the floor.

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  • ♡Prince#3

    March 22, 2017

    Stripperweb is classic!! stripperbabychu was me lmao i used to be on it all the time i 2012


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