The 'ELSC presents... parties' are a fantastic monthly residency by the East London Strippers Collective at Club Aquarium in Old Street, London.  Full of the best striptease, poledancers, burlesque, drag queens and s performers from all over the world, the last Friday of every month has 3 hours of shows and dancing.

To give the dancers a chance to express themselves without the restrictions of the average stripclub environment, each month follows a different theme, often with a political or LGBTQIA message.  I've posted up highlights from all the previous parties, which have included Thanksgiving with a pro-Clinton message and profits donated to the Black Rock cause,  a Rock n Roll slutty strip extravaganza that had girls literally ripping their clothes off on stage, and a 'Lost at Sea' happening in May 2017 that will see certain politicians being forced to walk the plank by a gang of angry grrlz pirates! Tickets can usually be found by searching Billetto or check out the ELSC facebook page Sassy Billie, the blogger who runs this website, also helps produce these parties and can often be found on stage encouraging the audience to tip the girls ;)